This is my little home away from home. It’s kind of like a virtual office, but less messy. A little. Here you can learn more about me and my writing, art, book binding, steampunk and anything else that may stumble across my mind. Not necessarily in that order. Please feel free to stop in and take a look around.

For the time being, the most important thing here is LIVING THEURGY. This is the first, (relatively) comprehensive study of the philosophy, theology, and theurgy of the 4th century Neoplatonist Iamblichus of Chalcis. Iamblichus is the Platonist who brought theurgy into late Platonism, set the curriculum for the Athenian Academy, and influenced such lights as Proclus, pseudo-Dionysius, and Marsilio Ficino. LIVING THEURGY is published by Avalonia Books and is available from the publisher and Amazon, as well as fine occult bookstores, hopefully near you.

Galleries to my various paintings and icons, as well as the sketches of a Neoplatonism Tarot are available through the links at the top of the page. You can also access my Trismegistus Designs store for your esoteric and pagan clothing needs as well as your fill of steampunk goods and time traveler scarves at my Etsy store.

For up-to-the-minute-ish updates, news and general chit chat about what I’m writing, visit my Facebook Author’s Page, for what I’m making my Facebook Artist’s Page, and for general mayhem, religious studies, philosophy, and academia, my Twitter feed @Demon_Writer.

So, please pardon the dust and watch out for falling cacodaemons during construction and, again, welcome.