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Who’s writing this thing, anyway?

As it turns out, it’s not always me. I’ve always kind of known that, but generally its a bit of give and take. Sometimes my ideas are better, sometimes the characters know what they’re about. Sometimes we’re both right, just not at the same time. Remember those 30k words I took out of The Machiavel a few months back? I reused some of them, because they were perfectly good words (especially the participles). The rest may get used in another book. Maybe. But those 30k words were where the characters wanted to go. Their story just wasn’t appropriate just then.

Today I realized that where I thought the book was going, and where the characters were taking it, were in relatively opposite direction. “Relatively” here meaning “precisely.” And you know what? The characters are right on this one. This time, anyway. Sure, I got them moving in the right direction, but their plan, I think, will work better. So I guess that means it’s their turn to get me moving in the right direction.

I think I have to refer to the original question: Who’s writing this thing, anyway?

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