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The Week in Review – 2-12-12

22 February 2012

Yes, I know, it’s Wednesday. So let’s just hael Woden and move forward, okay?

Last week was supposed to be a writing week. I think I got about 2,000 words down in Living Theurgy. Maybe. The Demiurge chapter is seeing a lot of citations, which is always time consuming. It is turning out to be an interesting, and probably so far the longest, chapter in the book, though I expect the next chapter on the gods, reconciling poly- and monotheism in Iamblichus, and the greater beings (all those spiritual beings above the human soul) to be as long if not longer. A few more chapters and the theologia section will be done, then onto philosophia. There is a whole lot written about Iamblichus’ theology, but not so much about his out and out philosophy, so it should be an interesting section. Then, of course, comes the theourgia section.

Mostly, though, I spent the week emailing my department head about the class I’m teaching next month. That took more time, and a lot of mental energy. Which is probably more of an excuse than anything else, but such is life. I spent about 45 minutes talking with him in person today, but that will have to wait until next week’s check in.

How was your week?

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