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Week in Review 3/18/12

Last week saw a marked improvement in my back. It took all week for that to happen, but it did happen. I’d say I’m at around 85% in those regards. Writing-wise, I finished a draft of the chapter on the gods in Living Theurgy and got some good headway into the chapter on the rest of the superior beings (archangels on down to purified souls). Unfortunately, last week also saw the return of the crabby snotmonster that is my 15 month old with a cold while teething, which pretty much put a halt to any writing from Thursday on.

My second week of classes went well, and so far no one has dropped the class. Give that it is now week three, and I’m used to 15, not seven, week classes, its hard to believe we’re already almost half done. Which means I need to write a final to hand out for next week. Take home essays for the win? Well, the students liked the idea anyway. Then again, they haven’t seen the test yet.

How was your week?

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