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Hey, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

Hi folks,

So, how are things? The kids okay? Is that new hair cut? I dig the tattoo. Anywho, it’s been awhile. I’ve spent the last three-ish years writing a book on/of Iamblichean Neoplatonism. Three years is a long time. I blame the children. Well, the two and a half year old, anyway. I became a full-time stay at home dad and, if you are unaware of this, deep research on obscure topics and taking care of an infant are not fully compatible occupations. But its done now, all 99k words of it. Moreover, I sent out three book proposals/queries today. I’ve done this part with fiction before. It hasn’t really worked out the way I’d have liked, but such is life. Hopefully the non-fiction will work out better. Time will tell.

That’s pretty much all that’s really new with me. If Living Theurgy works out I have from two to four other books on related subjects I’d like to write, and there may be some more fiction in there somewhere as well. Assuming I can do all that, take care of the children, and teach at the same time.

What could go wrong?

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