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What I’m doing now.

Two posts in one day! I should probably slow down.

Anywho, with Living Theurgy out of the way, I am “free” to do all the other things I’m trying to do at once. In art, I now I have prints available of an icon I wrote of +Bernard-Raymond Fabré-Palaprat, the 19th century reviver or creator of the Johannite Church and founder or reviver of the Order of the Temple (yes, the Templars). The print is available from my Etsy store, which you can get to either from the link on the row above, or . I also have pocket watch chains, a Raphael the Archangel chaplet and some Viking weave earrings available. I do take custom orders, so feel free to contact me about such things. I may have Christian Rosenkruetz and Odin icon prints available in the nearish future.

Also, art-wise, I’ve taken up illumination, as in illuminated letters and manuscripts. I don’t have anything finished yet, but when I do I’ll put it up in the art gallery.

In the wonderful world of writing, I have two projects on which I’m currently working, and at least one more in queue. A few months ago I made some color version of Daniel Cramer’s so-called Rosicrucian emblems. Cramer was a 16th-17th century German Lutheran theologian. While I doubt Cramer was a Rosicrucian, his emblems are still quite useful for spiritual development and meditation, and not at all incompatible with Rosicrucianism. I’m in the process of writing a brief paper on Cramer, the emblems, and semiotics (reading/interpreting symbols) to go with the colored imaged. Once done I’ll see if anyone is interested in publishing the images as a deck of cards and the paper as an introduction to them. If not, I may self-publish them. More on that as I have it.

I’m also working on The Theurgist’s Book of Hours, as a sort of vague follow-up to Living Theurgy. While the book will include a relatively academicy section on liturgical calendars, the bulk will be prayers and hymns of my own writing, designed to move the therugist through the cycle of the year. This cycle is not based on the now common “Wheel of the Year” found in many forms of modern Paganism, but on a liturgical cycle developed by Gemistus Pletho, a 15th century reviver of Neoplatonism, and the man responsible for Marsilio Ficino ultimately being able to translate Plato, Aristotle, Proclus, Iamblichus, etc., into Latin from the original Greek.

On the back burner is High Magic in the Age of Steam. This is to be a combination of history and steampunk for those interested in Victorian era esoteric spirituality and occultism, with some bits on persona building an commentary by .

Well, that’s all for now. See you next year.

I jest. Honest.

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