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Moving Along and a Contest!

1 March 2010

Well, after axing 30k words from The Machiavel I’ve almost regained 10k of them. Its been a slow week for writing but things should pick up presently.

So, no onto something you want to read about.

In an effort to get some more people on the Facebook fan page its contest time! For those of you on the fan page already, you know I’ve designed the seals for both the Circle of Harmony and the Circle of the Bridal Chamber, two magical groups that are part of the Academy, the group Ezekiel Jones and Olivia Monroe belong to in Agrippa’s Heart.

So, I will give away a t-shirt to both the 100th member of the fan page and the person (if any) who recommends them to join. The winners will get to pick the design and color from the Zazzle site (which is from where I will order them). Each shirt will have either the Harmony or Bridal Chamber seal on the front and the name of the Circle and “Agrippa’s Heart” on the back.

Once the winner(s) have been determined I, or Olivia, will get in contact with them and make an announcement about it on the fan site and here in the Tome.

So, what do you think? Want a free shirt?

More Queries

20 February 2010

Today (yes, Saturday) I sent out three more queries for AGRIPPA’S HEART. I won’t say to whom, we wouldn’t want to embarrass anyone who doesn’t pick me up when Ezekiel is bigger than that Potter boy, would we? I’ll be mailing out a fourth Tuesday.

Moving along then

8 February 2010

Work continues. All three of the sample chapters of AGRIPPA’S HEART are now up, as is a little profile of Ezekiel. I’ll probably trickle in other profiles through the week and might even get a bit on the Academy up and running. Eventually I want to do some cool-looking map thing that shows where each of the Circles of the Academy are located. You know, something Renaissance looking, ’cause I roll that way. That’ll be about it, then, until I get THE MACHIAVEL finished.

If you have any friends who like Urban Fantasy or occult fiction, please pimp the site, the FB page and Olivia’s twitter out to them!