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The Anagogic Role of Sunthemata in Pseudo-Dionysius

20 February 2015

I know what you’re thinking: More Pseudo-Dionysius! The following comes from my paper on this given at the annual Conclave of the . The original paper is available on

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

The Limits of Ontology: The Good and Evil in Pseudo-Dionysius

18 September 2014

Several weeks ago I promised to put up links to all five parts of my presentation on pseudo-Dionysian ontology, so here you go! The slide, which cannot be seen very well from the video, can be found here:

On Books and Videos

27 August 2014

So . . . it’s been awhile. Its not you, its me. Honest.

Anywho, first, and probably most importantly, that Living Theurgy thing I’d been writing for three years or so? Yeah, that one. I’m done with that. Awhile ago. Also, it’s been published. By Avalonia Books. Which is, I must saw, awesome. You can get it either or . Your more awesome esoteric bookstores may carry it as well. If not, you could always ask them to, right?

Also, last year I gave a presentation at the Apostolic Johannite Church’s annual Conclave on ontology, good, and evil in pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite. While the paper itself is available for download via (, the presentation was also video recorded. These videos are now in the process of being put on YouTube.

The first one is available here:

The second here:

When all five of them are available I will put them up in a single post.