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It’s not just about story telling

19 February 2010

It’s about telling the right story, too. I just axed 30k words from THE MACHIAVEL, which is about half of what I’d written. They were a fairly good 30k words too. I liked them, they told a good story. They just didn’t tell this story. It was too complex. It was a good story for a third or fourth book, moving into an overall story arc. I like story arcs. I’m a Joss Whedon and J. Michael Straczynski fan, after all. But it wasn’t right for this first book, which needs to be more visceral and just plain mean. Marcus is not good people and he’s not a hero. I mean, he’s an assassin who kills people with demons. So, 30k gone and a hundred or so re-written to re-finish the end the chapter where things went off. Time to get moving again.